The Pelegrino and the Budget

The words to a song, “I wish I knew now what I knew then” take a strong hold on me at my attempt at tackling the monetary part of the Camino, and possibly benefits vs the outcome.

And so I ask myself this fundamental question? Will a less than well funded camino do me more good than not.

And so let me now throw in a disclaimer on account of my precious wife back home possibly misinterpreting my thoughts and, charging ahead and putting me to the real test.

A test where the pavement or road hits my Solomon trail shoes within a confined budget a day to say 20 euros a day.

Possible yes. Do I want to do it. Yes but first, could you also roll back my body in years to say 30 or 40 earlier.

So, to clarify please don’t rush to cancel my credit cards just yet. I’m really only talking theory here and not practice.

Imagine waking up to a white Christmas on the Camino or of a sleepless night on account of the flu where antibiotics may be your only remedy or worse yet an injury that may potentially stop you in your tracks? What now brown cow?

Your opinions at your disposal are power through as the young or the Camino purists do or choose a more adult option now at your disposal as a result of past years of nose to the grindstone living?

And that my friends is the rest of the camino story that I’ve yet to write.

Buen Camino


PS. Me. Not injured, healthy, even to the point of having lost a little weight. My stories are blended to the point that I may be writing about another Peregrino and their experiences or decision making process.