The Camino and the Old Woman

I spot the old woman from a distance. Like a sniper ready for the shot I whip out the iPhone and in the blink of an eye the shot is made, seconds later it is framed.


When I walk by the old woman I show her the picture on my IPhone and ask her in Spanish if she recognizes this woman.


Her eyes suddenly begin to light up as she recognizes herself in the picture; a huge grin bearing but a few teeth. To me she is one of the most beautiful country grandmothers I’ve seen since this morning on the Camino.


The old woman says to me, you are “muy amiable” and reaches for a huge hug. No finer compliment could be received today. A special day for me on my first Camino.


And note all the happy cows passed as well. The Spaniards know how to treat the young and the elderly and as I continue to see their chickens, cows and sheep as well.


I could easily be sitting on a Moroccan beach writing a book now of stories that may only interest me.


Don’t ask where I am. It makes no difference. A walking trance of the Camino can take hold at anytime with only Santiago as the immediate goal in sight.


Buen Camino