Alice and Clover on the Camino

Today, If only for a few moments I felt like I was walking the Camino with my granddaughters Alice and Clover, Ages 8 and 10.

There are friends who come from far away countries to walk the Camino. Both arrive with the Camino bug. Raring to go. Can’t seem to get enough of the Camino they worked so hard to train for.

One of the two like our eight year old Clover back home quickly starts to question the reality of the situation as in:

Lack of sleep on the plane, train, bus and finally taxi before they find their way into an albergue. A medieval dormitory environment where bunk beds and bed bugs have found their way managed by a “warden ” literal Spanish translation.

And then the snoring starts and the their exhaustion goes on hyperdrive. If one of the two finds the rhythm of the Camino then all may be good for the two but, that is not necessarily the case.

Don’t misread here, once the Camino bug and I’m not talking real life bedbugs, takes a hold, they both get moving and are then well on their way enjoying the Camino experience.

An experience that can only be lived and not really explained in mere words alone.

The reason for the dual asses in the picture is because the two camino friends I witnessed kept fighting with one another to the point that I thought I needed to intervene like a Papa Ralphy does back home.

And that my friends is but, one mere reflection moment in time on my Camino.

Buen Camino


To Alice and Clover may the Camino bug bite you one day for it I promise the experience will be truly life changing.