What I am – Organized or Minimalist

Today I got caught in a really nice snowstorm on the Camino and by the time I came off that mountain I realized all I was wearing was a Mtn Hardware rain jacket, a Morino wool t shirt and my Prana hiking pants. The buff sort of rounds out the ensemble and nothing more.

No gloves, no wool cap, and not even a rain cover that seems to be the norm for packs on the Camino.

Just the way I like it. And also no hiking poles to burden me by. I do the monkey walk when the need is there for balance. Just stretch those arms out like a walking monkey.

So what am I now a minimalist or just organized to the point that it works for me. And that my friends should your goal. No one can walk for you but, plenty will offer you their advice as to what you should and shouldn’t carry or use.

I say find your own rhythm and stick with it. I do credit the Camino and any other long distance hiking with an opportunity to provide that much needed through trial and error. Just like cooking. One day it all just works out to the point where the recipe is now-in your head and heart. Sort of like that but, a little more.

At about the time you reach the say 400 or 500 mile mark I believe if you haven’t yet gotten it then maybe you aren’t paying attention.

This pack is really twice the size needed for the camino but, I plan to use it on a future hike involving carrying tent, cooking gear and food. Unlike the Camino where 10 euros gets you a bunk bed and the bed bugs are free.