The Pelegrino Menu on the Camino

On the Camino dinner can be as uncomplicated as selecting an entree item, followed up by the main course followed up by a choice of elegant desserts. And of course every meal includes a bottle of wine or water. All of this for usually the going price of 12 euros.

And of course losing weight on the Camino is a given provided you walk those suggested kilometers that are shown on this front/back sheet that shows a 34 day camino guide given to you at the start of the Camino.

Now I may be misleading you a bit. Some of those meals above are actually from local restaurants and not albergue meals. Several were nothing worth bragging about so I saved my film.

The only way you are going to know if you are gaining or losing weight is by your belt size. Obviously pulling it tighter to hold those sagging pants is the goal

Buen Camino