What Good Will Become of This and the Camino

Before words are written or the story told I find myself asking the question; should I share this story? And, what good if any, can telling a story serve.

While on the camino my openness to speak freely with anyone within an earshot and ability to interact with the locals is an amazing experience.

Why I’d even accept the camino as a full time job; just as long as you wouldn’t make me sleep in albergue municipals.

On the camino I can at times, walk faster than your average Peregrino pace. By doing so it allows me to easily enjoy the company of more than one Camino family at a time. Some are lone wolf Peregrinos because they want to be and others because they can’t fit in just yet.

I am also left wondering if I chose the Camino or if it chose me. I say this because spirits seem to keep channeling their way through me. At times it has felt like I’m a sponge, at others like a priest, or an elder, or even a favorite grandpa type.

Age seems to encounter no barrier in this camino. Just as long as you can keep up walking and carry a “mochilla” backpack.

All one needs to do is scratch a little of anyone and soon a story will emerge. Sometimes what you hear is something that will knock your socks right off. Like a gal that postponed a vital organ transplant to be on the camino. Yet that is all that I now choose to share on that particular conversation.


Another crazy thing is that in my channeling like manner language is also not a barrier. Some have told me their most intimate, their most personal, oftentimes their most painful memories or experiences in their native language that I do not speak. The odd part is that I have totally understood.

Maybe a confession box on the Camino is in my future. And to that I could add maybe a donations jar to fund my next Camino. There is another camino in my future – dear? Only my logistician and love of my life will be able to say; if the benefits received upon my return home outweigh the efforts of the separation time for my first camino – then I see a second camino in my future.

If not, then there is always hiking with friends.

But, seriously is the way I look now the cause? A maturing age or old soul?

Is simply saying the Camino heals all sufficient? I think not. And so I say to myself, you are a warrior like the knights Templars of the past; ready to help in anyway possible so long as the mileage keeps moving towards 0 kilometers Santiago or the ends of the earth – Finisterra.

Usually a picture is sufficient but, how can a picture express the grief or recent painful memories shared? And, is sharing in a story really for the common good?

How can the recent death of a woman whom he loved, worshipped and cherished for over 50 years of marriage be filtered for common good?

Perhaps the words “they were married to their best friend ” can serve as a tribute to all happily together, married or otherwise couples.

No ones trust – I promise will ever be betrayed.

May the sun always rise for you and may you be able to take that next step always.

Buen Camino