León in sight – on the Camino

I am told that if one makes it this far on the camino then the chance of success in reaching Santiago is almost assured.

The days walk is now done. Usually the night before pilgrims on the Camino determine their next day mileage. If traveling with a Camino family then some choose to just hitch a ride and let the “glue” of the family make all the decisions as to mileage, breaks or even the albergue to stay at.

The iPhone is charging, the shower was warm, laundry consisting of underwear and socks were hand washed and are now drying on a multi purpose Euro heater.

The biggest question now facing me is why is the dog whisperer on Spanish television not speaking Spanish. I thought the guy so why is the announcer repeating everything Cesar says in Spanish.

Today I half expected to walk all the way to León. Another 40 km day like yesterday.

However, something happened, I beat Manuel and Fran out of the albergue just before sunrise and they never caught up.

At 6:00 am I was the first downstairs for breakfast. once passed me up. Seems like everyone was taking it gently today for some reason.

My laundry drying in what I refer to as a multi use heater.

Rick I turned your rain pants into shorts. Much lighter and multi purpose.

I am running out of toothpaste will reload in Leon. So honey, what do you think about a Camino tattoo. Just testing to see if she reads my posts.

My credentials slowly filling up. Two stamps per day is how many one needs.

Now finally the smallest packs yet. Tonight they walk a 40 k day all the way to Leon.

If I did the same then the most fabulous meal of the camino would not have gotten eaten.

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