Camino de Santiago Daily Stages

This is just a brief primer to the uninitiated on what goes into planning where I start and end my days on the Camino.

For example take a look at my map above. .We stopped in Burgos for the night and then decided a rest day was in order on account of my friend Rick departing back to Southern California.

Today my sights are on the second town worth a zero day. On the PCT hike zero means there is no walking.

On the Camino if I were to call it a non walking day I would miss out entirely. While in Madrid Rick and I walked nearly 15 miles in one day.

While in Pamplona we did nearly half that much in the city. And once again while in Leon we will likely walk allot. There is a Camino family possibly even waiting on me. Possibly worthy of a party upon our arrival. Camino tattoos? Camino Peregrino massage? Definitely non Camino food to celebrate.

So you see you can’t really refer to a zero day on the Camino.

Buen Camino.

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