A Camino Story

His wife was given just three months to live. Cancer was the diagnosis. In Spain there was no cure available at the time. So the husband and wife team did what others have done for the past 1000 years. They set off in 2007 on the Camino de Santiago in search for an answer or a possible intervention of the spiritual kind.

The man says they reached the “Iron Cross”. A special place on the Camino. Pilgrims leave usually a rock at its base. The rock is suppose to possess all the worries of your life, anything, anyone that has caused you ill harm.

For the couple the turning point came at the albergue they stayed at that night. The wife befriended an Italian woman Doctor who told her of a radiation treatment available in Italy. They left for Italy after their camino. His name is Santiago. Born on July 25th the day of the saint Santiago. He says that as they waited for what was months for an answer from the medical team. The phone call came on the day of his birthday July 25th. All tests were now negative. The cancer was gone.

He prayed to god while on the camino. If his wife would survive he would sell everything he owned and open an albergue to aid other pelegrinos.

For the first four years he was in the red. Until recently the albergue began to make a profit. His wife is happily cooking for the Pelegrinos today.

He is tending to everything else. Life he says can only be lived if you believe that anything is possible.

Buen Camino

A true story