The herd and the Camino de Santiago

Back home in the USA we get it. We tend to gravitate for some alone time from time to time. Why do we do it?

Here on the Camino alone time is overrated. Every one interacts daily with everyone else from the moment they get up to the moment they are done with their day.

Camino families are somewhat different. When a participant needs alone time he or she walks slower or faster signaling to the others alone time to reflect meditate or stop to pee, poop or take a picture only you see and the others don’t.

Camino family: People walking together on the Camino from all walks of life, usually staying together for longer and longer periods; one pelegrino usually becomes the glue that binds the others. Every one I ……….. more to follow

The country is usually the ice breaker. Then it is fairly easy to size one up by looking at their hiking garb and pack. For me being a ……… more later

If the person is young and fit. It doesn’t matter how big the pack. Everyone cuts the young slack on anything. Their young. They can afford to lug that extra 20 pounds of useless junk hundreds of miles without using any of it. Tossing it today may make it expensive to purchase later on.

This is where I see those that hang on to baggage and those willing to lighten the load.

When we move at a rhythm of our bodies and arrive ready to party vs ready for a nap or otherwise bet your body has finally met your mind. Both are at peace and the world if not, will feel like a much better place.

This story was in my head a while ago and then it left. Sometimes it takes me as long as a full 15 minutes from start to finish to write.

But, with Camino friends all around sometimes the story won’t fully get told until much, much later, when we have returned to our loved ones.

Buen Camino