A day in the life of the Camino

Was I kind to someone today? Did I compliment anyone. What did I do to make myself a better human being. If this is one day in the life of you then would you trade it for a different day. Did you seize the day. Did you arrive at your destination ready to party or ready to complain, nap, criticize or other. Did your body reach a rhythm about itself that only you understand? These and other questions similar are what I now contemplate. Earlier today a mountain was climbed. Many other like minded people gave me the energy and so did the waking day to live my day to the fullest. I cannot say enough that speaking the language has enriched my camino by about 70%. Thank you my Spanish culture.

We spoke of ancient peoples, religion, war, being born in 1946 and 1955. Of the technology of its day vs now. The good the bad and the ugly of mankind.

This day may never repeat itself ever again in my lifetime. Such is just a mere demonstration of life on the Camino my dear. And like I’ve said time and time again to those not like minded; if I had to explain it to you, then you probably still wouldn’t understand.

Thank you Los Angeles Adventurers Club for letting me find you when I did in my life. I am a better, more complete man in this lifetime for having done so.