My first night in an albergue – Camino de Santiago

My walking day ended early so as Well arrived into town I arrived as Armand was just opening the albergue doors. The albergue across the street, which I recently dialed on the telephone by touching a phone app was my first choice but, no answer on the phone or when ringing the doorbell.

I then walked into the albergue I spent the. night in. Very nice I thought to myself. A modern layout and well organized. I knew right away this was a better choice.

Let me just stop the story here and say it’s now the next morning at 0615, I’ve already shit and showered, I’m also dressed and my trusty backpack is now by my side.

The weather app says it’s 35 degrees outside and sunrise is at 0740. Partly cloudy to sunny expected all day.

Breakfast may be cooking but I do not see any sign. Ahaha. Self serve. Coffee is done and a bland toast and marmalade is all on the counter.

Everyone else in the entire place is still sleeping. I got a good night sleep and feel well rested. There is one blip to last night though. When I laid down to sleep I left my apple phone on and turned on a noise app. of an air conditioner.

About 15 minutes later this couple is hovering over me talking to one another wondering where that noise is coming from.

The UK guy says it’s too noisy for him. I say enjoy your snoring neighbors dude. I swipe across the app to the rain and puddle or light thunder sounds and without missing a beat go right back to sleep.

Immediately I am back to an encapsulated cocoon shielding me from any external noises and the UK couple. She has bad hair and he has bedbug bites on his back possibly from another albergue; or hair from her moms genetics.

I called it correctly. The two from Spain and Australia next to the couple snore to a loud perfection. The Canada girl on the other side of them is also a great snorer. Snoring comes and goes but, I only feel it like a small distant rumble.

Armand first took my documents passport and pilgrim credentials. He then accepted my euros for the nights stay and a pilgrim dinner and breakfast which cost the same amount.

Around 9 euros for the private albergue and the same for the meals. Next he takes me over to a shoe shelf where I was to store my shoes. I noticed that he was wearing the same popular Solomon shoes as I. I next asked about someone walking out wearing the wrong shoes.

He’s seen it happen he said. I next shared a story about our hiker boxes and how a girl I once knew while on the pacific crest trail made the mistake of leaving her dirty shoes outside.

Someone must’ve noticed and assumed that she was tossing them out and they took them. Not wanting something similar to occur I LoJacked my shoes by tying a clip and string to connect both shoes. This way me losing my shoes would have to be more than an accident.

He then gave me a tour of the remainder of the facilities that included laundry, a lounge and the kitchen and vending service.

Upstairs are several double rooms that are private and can be reserved.