My momma once told me there’d be days like this – on the Camino

To say this day is magnificent may not yet do it justice; it’s only half way over. To quote myself on a previous day; arrive ready to party not ready for a nap or sleep. If one plans their training correctly before arriving then this too can be you.

Today not different from the past few days is one more precious day of my first ever camino. I continue soaking up each day as if it were my last day on earth.

After saying goodbye to my friend Rick after breakfast our day started out dry. We walked from near the Burgos Cathedral to the out skirts of town.

I literally walked fast and also even ran on account that I knew I would be staying tonight in an albergue.

I planned on exhausting myself so that sleep would come easy. Perhaps that is why Matt from Vermont carried a bottle of whiskey. Sort of a night cap in disguise.

If you don’t yet know what an albergue is then let me show you a picture. Your guess is the same as mine as to which bed will sleep the snorer.

My first new country Portugal. The young man stayed with me long enough to chat and then he hinted that his body was now warmed up and off he speed.

My body had not yet found its rhythm of the Camino or else I would’ve followed. Soon thereafter I did my good first good deed for the day.

An Italian older gentleman kept searching fountains for water. Non seemed to work. Finally I said come here. Took my water bottle and filled his. Once again the Canadian girls started referring to me as the good guy. I’m now starting to feel the winds sprouting.

Earlier on the camino I heard myself on a subconscious level thinking in different voices. One of those voices was of a warrior voice.

A warrior voice that kept telling me to move, to go faster; for when we finally get over the mountain; the enemy will not kill them selves. We must do it for them.

Today once the warrior spirit and my camino rhythm kicked in I was truly a warrior on a mission. Those former years of Army forced ruck marches still continue to paid off; for today I kicked butt. Sorry to say the competitive spirit also made itself known.

Another possibility may be on account of meeting another Rafael (Ralph) who is from Brazil.

Sitting with him was Stuart from the UK whose hat is decorated daily with at least one wild flowers from the country side.

And then they both held out to me the peace pipe. What it contained I know not. Finding a communal spirit I accepted the peace pipe. Moments later a cafe con leche, then a Spanish Coca Cola and I was like a lithium battery totally charged up, locked and loaded and ready to roll some more miles but first the albergue experience.

Buen Camino