The Good Guy and the Camino de Santiago

There once lived a guy from California who called himself a “good guy”. Whether this story turns out to be a fairy tale or a war story is anybody’s guess by now as I don’t yet have any idea where the story is heading.

This guy enjoyed his life so much that one day his wife told him to go; walk at least 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago and don’t return until you are a better person for having done so.

Several years earlier he walked the Pacific Crest trail spilling his guts, some body and lots of soul. His beautiful and supportive wife again supported him. He honestly did return to her a better person with three life lessons that still to this day he takes to heart.

1. You always need someone to love.

2. You always need something to do.

3. You always need something to look forward to.

While on the Camino de Santiago and previously in his life in general he truly believed he was being a better person for doing the things he did. Following many years of military and law enforcement work it left him somewhat spent inside. To this day the tears spill out for no apparent reason. Perhaps tears of joy, perhaps tears shed of cleansing the soul. I like to think so.

And now is the Camino testing him? Is the Camino he is on sending him out to learn more valuable life lessons. Is he doing the things he does for desire of something while living? Paying penance for a past life lived?

Or is he doing what he does out of true kindness for others?

Or for building up his karma of life. Those questions and more are what now tug at his mind and soul.

His Camino body is now accustomed to most anything thrown at him being of the physical in nature type. He still gets bored easily. Perhaps this is a warrior spirit way of keeping him attentive to any and all perceived activities around him.

Perhaps more alone time on the Camino should do it. Perhaps not?

Right now he is feeling pretty good with life in general and believes his guardian angel has sent him here for a reason.

Feeling like a medieval guardian of sorts without a sword. A warrior spirit that now needs tempering. Patience. To learn to accept the things that are. To continue to guide the unguided. To seek out opportunities and go where life takes him. These are the voyages of the USS Enterprise guy. To seek out new countries, boldly go where others over 1000 years have gone, traveled and even perished. Yeah I know the story just got wacky of sorts. The good guy is now hungry after a long nap and day ? of the road to Santiago.

So you tell me? A fairy tale or a war story? I don’t yet know but, I do feel better for having just starting to make some sense of it and telling a small part of what’s inside.

Buen Camino