The Camino and Pelegrino Emotions on Steroids

Last night was a difficult night for me. Sleep did not come as easy as in the past few days for various reasons. Please note this is our day six. For the first time since arriving in Spain we were out eating on local time. 9:00 p.m. as is the norm in every city we arrive at.

Possibly the horrible pizza combined with the late night eating had something to do with it. Our Spain food streak lasted a good solid six days.

My first margarita pizza in the town of Najera and I was sadly disappointed. Probably the pasta would’ve been a better choice. I think the problem was I misunderstood the local who told me where a good place to eat was without mentioning the name.

Second the experience of going from a hotel to a pension also may have given me a start on account of not being able to find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

If you’re young and can’t relate then just gloss this one paragraph over and move on.

We are now in the city of Najera and the goal today is Santo Domingo. So why title this emotions on steroids?

Perhaps the camino pilgrim process similar in nature to the soldierization process that occurs in basic military training.

Our mind, body and soul on the camino takes quite a hit at the start and then the recovery process for some commences.

I’m at the mind stage of the camino now. My body unlike some of the others with heavy packs and bad feet or foot wear is almost doing just fine.

Today I actually ran for about a quarter of a mile with full pack on and headphones plugged in to catch Lenny and Mike. UK and India. Now I am paying for it was anti inflammatory ointment on the top sides of my feet. No not because of the run but because of all the downhill work on the trail. We make an awesome threesome knocking out the miles today.

Everywhere around us high up on a hill rain or snow threatening at any minute. I pull out the iPhone music and start blasting out the top 10 camino songs like; the 500 mile song.

We then crank up our steps and make it to Santo Domingo before even a drop starts to falls on us. The others not quite so lucky.

Recently while walking lets just say that a girl from another country while walking the Portuguese camino fell in love on the camino.

Her boy friend is Portuguese and now they have this language thingy to overcome. She mentions to her girlfriend back home her predicament and the friend rather than give her advice decides to seek the same predicament.Unfortunately I was told she left the Camino Portuguese disappointed.

My emotions have exploded from time to time recently giving me a euthoric type feeling when listening to my music. It’s like I now hear the words written and their meaning. Perhaps the lack of sirens or constant bad news on television or cars, freeways, daily life is what is causing this to occur.

Another emotional high up until last nights pizza of course is the gastronomical delicacies in Spain.

Oh and did I tell you it rained and snowed today on the Camino. But, not in us (Mike/Lenny/Ralph) we were too fast for the weather. Knocked off all our mileage today with out so much as a solid break.

Also today met my first two Hungarians and South Africa camino people.

I now sit in a Parador. There are 94 paradors on the Camino Francés. Each is a historic building from the past determined to be saved from future destruction or decline by the Peregrinos who support it by staying there.