Camino de Santiago and only Day 6

I would easily suspect any person who would say that a day for them on the Camino was uneventful. Take for instance last evening in the town of Logroño. We casually walked into a produce store and were introduced to Marcelino.

Marcelino Lobato we come to find out is now one of the most photographed peregrinos in Spain. He personally told me that when Obama was visiting Paris he was brought to him as a perfect example of a medieval pilgrim. He said he chatted for over an hour with the US President. Marcelino walked his first Camino in the Holy Year of 1976 and was one of only 6 pilgrims issued a Compostela that year.

In the 1980’s he helped D. Elias Valiña Sampedro mark the camino with the yellow arrows we now use today.

He has walked over 130,000 km across France, Spain and Italy in his medieval robes, wide hat, staff and gourds.

He makes the La Grajera forest outside of Logrono and greets pilgrims with offers of fruit, biscuits and walking sticks and a sign that says, no donations please.

You will see a poster of him in his medieval robes in nearly every cafe bar on the camino.

And our evening did not end there. We walked into a Tapas/Wine store to eat and drink and immediately I noticed an elephant patch on a jacket. The Canadian wearing the jacket immediately took a liking to us on account of having English withdrawals. He happens to be a guy that writes about wines and was on a tour to purchase wines and gather more stories for a new book.

We were taken to the private reserve section. We were served the second and third level reserves. Apparently this is where the mucking mucks get their wines. Larry Hamms I believe is his name as his card is too heavy to add to my pack. Every ounce saved is an ounce less to carry on the Camino.

And then chocolate and churros. No way am I gonna lose these man tits eating and drinking like this every night. My friend Rick leaves in four days and my high living life will begin to settle down. But for now long live Marcelino and Spanish wines. Truly worth the trip.

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  1. Ralph, Welcome to the Camino. Marcelino is one of many characters along the Camino Frances I remember from 2012. In Foncebadon, just before the Cruz de Ferro, ck out the local eatery. The bartender / owner is straight out of Hollywood type casting for a mideviel 15th century innkeeper. Another Camino icon is a short walk past Cruz in Manjarin. Enjoy your one of a kind hike. Buen Camino, Jim


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