The Russian Bet on the Camino

There aren’t many Russians walking the Camino but, on my first day I met one. He already had a sizable Camino family established. More on what constitutes a Camino family later.

The Russian was wearing boots vs trail runners or a hiking type shoe. To me they resembled a pair of army jump boots. I told the Russian that I did not think that his boots would make it all the way to Santiago. The soles tend to go after repeated walking on rough type surfaces. He told me his shoe cobbler assured him that the boots were fine. Shoe cobbler? Now how often does one hear those words.

Him being the Russian of course disagreed that his boots would give out. So I offered to make a small wager on the Camino.

I told the Russian that if his boots would make it all the way to Santiago that I would buy him a bottle of wine.

Boots are made for walking. Combat boots during WWII resemble his boots but, are the Russian vs American types. After all I did tell him that we did beat him to the moon and back.

The surfaces of the Camino continually change. Today the surface was more forest service roads alongside wheat fields. Fields as green as green can get. Every day we walk in a picture post card.

And to me the euros still resembles Monopoly money. I don’t find anything expensive even though it probably is. Our freshly baked crosant, freshly squeezed orange juice, cafe con leche cost what we pay for a genre Starbucks coffee back home.

The bottle of wine to the loser will likely not cost anymore than 9 euros.

Today I saw the Russian early this morning at the drinking wine fountain. I told the Russian that I wanted to check on my investment. He starts to backpedal. I now know that the moon is mine.

Will the boots will not make it all the way to Santiago? Only time will tell as we have probably another twenty something days to go.

But then again tomorrow is another day.