Camino Day 2

Last night I had this most amazing dream of a story to tell. It was not only well thought out but humorous as well. This morning I woke up and remembered dreaming about it but, for the life of me, can’t recall one single word about what it was all about.

Sorry dear. I also had such great plans on keeping track of $$ spent on the camino but, been too busy to write it down. And now it even feels complicated doing so. My only worries believe it or not is not of food or burden of weight on my back but, of doing laundry. Thankfully the monastery has a laundry service. If it fits in the bag then it is $12 euros washed, dried and folded. Rick and I turned ours in today. Can’t believe he is already washing a pair of hiking pants and he hasn’t even started hiking. The poor guy refuses to eat breakfast other than something like coffee and one slim cracker wafer. Me today. I drank fresh squeezed juice from a machine that looked like it caresses the oranges that drop down two slots, washes them and then massages the juice out. Another Spanish specialty is this egg potato looking pie. And you know how much I loves my pie. Top that off with cafe con leche. Even the sugar is great.

Our first pinchos.

So far Rico and I have pretty much split everything as in he pays for something like a nights lodging and then I buy dinner equaling said amount.

Our lodging has been four stars until today. Dropped down to three stars tonight at an old Spanish monastery.

These are two beds that one separates and is considered a double bed room for two.

Waiting on dinner. We reserved for 6 pm. Most restaurants in Madrid and Pamplona don’t even open till 8 pm.