Released from my daily life to become a pilgrim

My pilgrimage starts soon and I am told my purpose in life will also change. Something transformative is expected to occur and I can’t yet explain what that will be.

Yes folks I am now released from my daily life chores to do this pilgrimage. No more having to worry or take care of shopping for things, paying the bills, cleaning the house, cooking, fixing things, looking after the grandkids and on and on.

But wait my Patti already does those things for us? So what do I do? Guess I’ll go on a pilgrimage to find out.

Or maybe send Patti out on one to find that out?

Walking with all your belongings on your back is now my new normal. For the next 44 days my belongings amount to 13 pounds. Slightly more than the 9 pounds I started out with. What changed, a jacket or two?

Glad I got these new hiking pants two sizes larger.

The word “Pilgrim” just means a person on a pilgrimage — a religious voyage of fulfillment and redemption.

More generally, it means a wandering traveler from a distant place, or just a foreigner like us now visiting Spain.

John Wayne (and other characters in Westerns) use the word “Pilgrim” to refer to easterners recently arrived in the Old West, especially when they’re soft, timid, and moralizing — rather than the bitter realities of a violent frontier life.

I can feel my body now sort of like going through a detox and a reset at the same time. From what I read and heard from others this time is so special most don’t want it to end.

Why do you want to do this pilgrimage? Still working in an answer but for the most part it is a way to honor my recently departed mother. It’s also in my dna. 1/3rd Iberian Peninsula 21% French and 14% PortuguĂ©s. My family originally came from Spain.

My father once told me that his father once made a vow with the end result being that my fathers hair would not be cut for six years.

A vow made to God. And why? He never told me. And I never remember ever asking. If I could only go back in time now this is one of the many questions that would be asked.

In the olden days if a person could not fulfill their vow for some reason, he/she had to seek official church permission to be released from it, and often had to do something in place of what was promised.

Sinners were often assigned to go on what I am planning to do now walk the camino. The worse the sin, the farther the pilgrimage. My penance of 500 miles should about do it this time. The last time that I tried walking to clear my mind of many working years. I felt I cheated. Only walked 702 miles.

My father died many years ago but, it never occurred to me then to go on a pilgrimage for him. My mother went on the great adventure months ago and now that I am older and wiser I am able to give myself and receive this walking pennence.

GOAL: I am going to Santiago de Compostela. Starting in France and making my way on foot across Spain.

Remember that the goal itself is the important part of this journey and not the destination.


Had a little time to write this little story while waiting for the art museum to open.

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  1. Good post, it made me think… I’m gonna start my first Camino on the 2nd of May from France to Santiago. Roughly a month to go, I’m excited and nervous at the same time, I wonder how it will change me…


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