Know the difference between a war story and a fairy tale?

Do you know the difference between a war story and a fairy tale? A fairy tale starts with with “Once upon a time”, while a war story begins with “No shit, there I was”.

Last night the last few things I remember was drinking from a cup filled with Baileys liquor and melted chocolate. I used churros to dunk and coat them up before taking a large bite wondering how the hell did I go my entire life until now before trying this delicious dessert. And then it started all coming back to me; a gypsy sized little guy holding this medium sized card where you couldn’t help but notice the scandilly clad women kept trying to talk to me in this terrible Spanish that probably only he and his clan knew. A fairy tale story. And if I wanted to paint you a war tale or story it would probably start with something like……..

Today our first day in Madrid Spain after arriving on Norwegian air in a non American sized seat plane. Most Spanish people on that flight did not have any problems staying in their allotted seat space. Unfortunately for me the young Spanish lawyer dude now living in LA started lifting weights as he lives now makes his home near Venice California, the weight lifting capital of SoCal. The dudes upper body kept spilling onto my space. For a while it looked like we weren’t trying to spoon each other without touching but by the first five hours of the flight all modesty was assumed lost.

Don’t yet quite feel like a pilgrim; possibly cause I’m about as well prepared and informed as anyone with a smartphone.

Remember the John Wayne movies? He would oftentimes refer to people as pilgrims. Pilgrim just means a person on a pilgrimage — a religious voyage of fulfillment and redemption.

More generally, it means a wandering traveler from a distant place, or just a foreigner.

To John Wayne (and other characters in Westerns) the word “Pilgrim” would be used to refer to easterners recently arrived in the Old West, especially when they’re soft and timid, values associated with religion, rather than with the bitter realities of violent frontier life.

So which is it gonna be? A fairy tale Camino walk or a no shit, there I was in an albergue and …….

Obviously much more to follow however it is now getting close to 0430 hours and the Rafa and Rick show is raring to go. More to follow.