Valentines/Dna/Morning Walk/Lucy Dog

This morning (me) thinks my ears are getting flushed or is that Lucy’s? Why, possibly on account of not hearing, “not once, but, twice I tell you don’t take Lucy out – it’s pouring rain outside”.  And so I now sit, pen these few words and slowly ponder at another fine predicament I’ve yet managed to get myself into, on a cold, wet, and rainy Valentines day morning. 

And if I knew I could only half carry a tune you know darn well these words could easily make it into a song for my Valentine Patti.

And just about an hour earlier Lucy and I started walking down the trail, she off-leash prancing, sort of giving me that grinning look of hers when she knows we’re sort of doing something we shouldn’t.  Her off the leash in a pouring downpour, periodically feeling her oats “scooby-doodog” by dragging her butt, and double timing her front paws, at the same time zig zagging around or near. 

Todays predicted downpour also fell short of trying to get any real photos or videos as I felt more in the moment walking while wet testing some wet weather hiking gear, hiking shoes and waterproof socks while listening to the likes of a mixed personalized music from YouTube music.

Enjoy your Valentines, I know we always do as we beat the crowd and celebrated two days ago – just in case Lucy didn’t listen to her momma Patti.

Here’s looking at you kid!