Camino Frances Offline Maps

The goal to this short story is twofold. First is giving me a learning opportunity to use my new iPhone and Camino Frances app. purchased. Second an opportunity at a glance to see the start of the Camino on paper in one location as it unfolds from the starting point at St Jean, Pied de Port, Frances to Pomplana. A major accomplishment when reached.

Two trail/road options are shown, one for good weather and one for severe weather. Note the warnings given. People do and have died taking off unprepared in bad weather.

This is similar to the start of the movie “The Way”, when the main characters son dies on the Camino due to a freak snow storm causing him to get disoriented on the Mountain pass. If you have yet to see this movie then you owe it to yourself to do so. You will appreciate the Camino pilgrimage that much more.

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