Ten Things You Should Know Before Hiking The Camino De Santiago

Rick my friend and first two weeks of the camino hiking partner. Read this story.


The following is a guest post which I wrote and which was published on  The Trek in 2016. It had around 1K shares and I think it’s still valid today. As I saw that the pictures have already disappeared and I don’t wanted it to disappear completely, I decided to post it here again. 

This is kind of a response to Digger’s post about his very subjective reasons you shouldn’t hike the Camino. I think he’s right on a lot of things, wrong on at least one thing (see number ten) but above all, he shared – presumably with intention – only the worst. And there is so much more to be said about the Camino.
(And yes, my opinion is quite subjective, too :-))

I did Pamplona-Santiago-Finisterre, around 750 kms in four weeks. And I don’t wanted to stop. Ever.

1. The Camino is not a wilderness trail

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