Camino Training Hike

Today’s training hike to the Cleveland National forest gave me an opportunity to hike for three hours and to fully evaluate my current backpack. Since the Camino hike will not require me carrying food, cooking, tent, sleeping equipment or significant amounts of water; I am opting for a smaller pack.

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Cuba Cars, Holguin, Cuba

With the help of a local, I quickly gained an appreciation for the amount of efforts the Cuban people go through to ride public transportation.  The horse and buggy are probably the most dependable.  In the pictures below the horse and buggy is providing delivery services.  On a typical two lane road you can expect […]

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The Cubano Fruit Stand

  I wanted fresh fruit so, for around a $6 cab ride in a 50’s something American car, I was taken to a local fruit stand.  The driver couldn’t have been more laid back.  For around $10 I took back to me casa particular a pineapple, garlic, a miniature variety of bananas that tasted so […]

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The Cubano Lechon

Subject:  The Cubano Lechon aka Pig The Cubano lechon is a unique and grand centerpiece of any Cuban celebration.  Perhaps lamb or goat comes in second but, I’ve yet to try one.  To get it just right (the cooking part) the pork needs at least eight hours on the human turning rotisery.  And so any […]

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The Cubano Cake & Eating It Too

Subject:  The Cubano Cake & Eating It Too In the U.S. some sort of see Mexico as perhaps being something like twenty years behind the U.S.  A visit to Cuba in 2019 left me pondering those assumptions about the Mexico most of us in Southern California know – Baja.  Perhaps Mexico or Baja should best […]

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My Camino de Santiago

Today my hiking friend Rick confirmed with me that he will start the camino walk, devoting two weeks. Our start point is Roncevalles, France and in two weeks we should reach Castrojeriz, Spain. We say our adios and I continue on to Santiago de Compostela,and possibly the end of the world – Finisterre, four weeks […]

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