The Western Flyer Expedition YTD 2014

The Western Flyer and Yukon Jeep expedition is now history. The story below has some great pictures.

The Retirement Years

The Western Flyer YTD 2014

As 2014 came to a close, and while watching, count’em three, three grand children; I quickly wrote down a short list of what the Western Flyer taught us.  What it taught US is probably way different from what it taught ME.  For starters, trying to write, even a short story with interruptions is extremely hard work – add to that trying to single finger type on an Iphone or Android tablet with the same story started and not finished or saved in either the family computer, the android or Iphone and ….. you get the point.

Sorry for the initial automatic posting on Facebook before this story was completed – in my defense, instead of finding on my tiny , tiny screen (save draft) I accidentally hit (publish).

This initial post started out simply with a list like for example; what have we learned; our…

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