On Retirement

On retirement and hiking. February 2018 marks my 8th retirement year so obviously allot has changed since writing this story. We sit in a new home, in a different city, the Western Flyer sold last year and thru-hiking the PCT is history. For 2019 my plans are to hike the Camino de Santiago (Spain) starting at the border of France.

The Retirement Years

It’s been almost three years now so, what has retirement taught me so far, if anything and what if anything can I share or relate to others possibly NOT so content in their retirement years or those close to retirement?

MOST IMPORTANT: Don’t not only go into retirement with a Plan A but a Plan B and possibly even C. Life tends to continue to throw curves at you – even at retirement.


If we were now playing the “what if” game then several months after retirement could’ve easily been my last. Attempting a thru hike of the PCT, on the heaviest of snow years may have resulted in a slip, a fall, frostbite, hypothermia, dehyration, eaten by wolves, mountain lion, or even drowned.

“Long distance hiking is not a vacation, it’s too long for that. It’s not recreation, too much toil and pain involved. It is, we decide, a…

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