Dog Hoist And Broken Boom Story

Dog lovers may enjoy this story. Also, at the Los Angeles Adventurers Club I once shared a speaking engagement with Lynn & Larry Pardee and Dave Clark, both round the world navigators. I copied the story of how he lost his dog at sea. Read on.

The Retirement Years

Every morning Lucy dog gets to decide when it’s time to go out for morning exercise by casually tossing a ball at one of us.  That’s what starts the chain of events that leads to her morning exercise ritual.  With her morning ritual complete Lucy and I end up at the Western Flyer.  Before the morning heat kicked full in I decide to hose off the entire boats bilge area from bow to stern using lots of boat soap and water.

Glad to report that she now smells less like a stink pot (derogatory word for power boaters by sailors) and more like a condo on the water.

And now I was not only hot but completely wet but, it felt real good.  Me being one to want to pass that feel good feeling off to dog I quickly considered throwing her overboard.  Then I found item (13) on my…

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