Crew- First Mate Lucy

Within a few days (11/17/2018) Lucy turns 7 and she still weighs 80 pounds. Good job to Patti Mama.

The Retirement Years

Lucy & Red Ball

Lucy stealing someones anchor buoy – Florida keys!DSCF0366

Lucy hiking – Bridge to No Where!  Azuza, CA1004506_10200534321986293_1795296797_n

Lucy and now departed mama Jessie


Lucy at the vet – “she needs to lose weight”  yeah, but don’t we all!DSCF5555

A young Lucy on a road trip across the USA – here she bit off my road trip mascot that was firmly mounted on the rear view mirror


Trump golf course – California


Dog Beach – Huntington Beach, CA


Lucy swimming – finding a (big) stick so I can throw it.


Lucy shaking it off but leading the trail!


Lucy loving the snow.  26 degrees and we are on board.DSCF5038IMG_4218

Three years old and still weighs pretty close to 80 pounds.

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