The Phantom 3 Professional Drone

Recently I visited a friend in Rancho Mirage, California.  Steve shared with me that he owned a drone and so of course my first response was “let’s go fly it”.  It’s broken and won’t start-up, he added.  And so began the start of my new drone adventures.

That evening I came home with Steve’s broken Phantom 3 Professional 4k drone.  My go to source for fixing it – YouTube.  After about a dozen or so videos I finally figured it all out.

On its maiden flight the little drone rose up in the air somewhat above the swimming pool before the new drone pilot somehow managed to panic and fly it into a tree.  It was then packed up for a future day and forgotten for almost two years.  And now that its repaired I took the 4k camera off to learn how to fly it.  Once I got reasonably good at flying I added the 4k camera back on and took lots of video and pictures.

I could not resist including my Honda Africa Twin in the picture.  So far flying and taking pictures and videos is easy.  The hard part right now is editing a viewable product.  The other challenge is the amount of time it takes to upload a video.  So for now enjoy the camera shots.