My friend Shane

My friend Shane recently passed away and when I received the news of Shane “on the great adventure” it shocked me.  Shane always sported a full head of black hair, olive skin complexion, and always moved with a purpose in life.  Shanes membership in the Los Angeles Adventurers club, I believe was one of the highlights of his life.

Unlike anyone else I know Shane celebrated birthdays by inviting Adventure club friends to come hike with him to the top of Mt. Baldy.  Yes, an 11 mile hike to the top of Mt Baldy, considered the highest point in LA at 10,064 feet. On a clear day one can see from the Pacific ocean to as far away as the Mojave desert.   Shane even though I never said the words to you, you inspired me to always be on the lookout for that next great adventure.  Shane you will be missed.  My birthday is coming up in ten days.  Dare I say, a hike to Mt. Baldy in your honor Sir.  But first, I need a set of those Tibetan prayer flags.

2010-08-15 09.56.38

Shane and everyone else whom I’ve had the privilege of meeting and calling friend from the Los Angeles Adventurers club, know how to enjoy life and squeeze it for all its worth.

2010-08-15 12.06.12.jpg

Shane’s Tibetan prayer flags after stringing them up on the summit of Mt. Baldy.  No doubt these ones are originals brought back by him from the Himalayas.

2010-08-15 11.04.48


And yet on another hike.  Vance and Shane.  Who else but Shane would take you out on a hike on opening day of hunting season.


Rick and Shane just prior to a “training hike” to the top of Mt. Baden Powell.  Thank you my friend, till we meet again.