El Chorro de Maita – Guardalavaca, Holguin, Cuba

El Chorro de Maita is a 16th century archaeological site made into a museum.  Worth the visit.  We nearly did not get a chance to visit since neither one of us had any Cuban CUC currency on us at the time.  However, the tour guide let us in for free.  To repay her I dug deep into my backpack of gifts and came up with pens, pencils, memo pads to hand out.  This is a must do if you plan on visiting Cuba.  Stock up back home at your local .99 cent store with anything school or health or beauty product related.

If I recall the story correctly about the Chorro de Maita; a farmer digging his field made the discovery.  When he reported the discovery he was paid handsomely and his home was moved to the adjoining lot.  This place is where native royalty was buried.  The arrows on the body point to the exact location where a gold or otherwise artifact was found buried with them.

After the tour I walked around the area taking pictures and came across the guy below selling bananas.  Once again I pull out my bag of goodies and made a trade.  I usually carried things like Goya food seasoning, deodorant, cleaning sponges and of course school supplies.  Pencils and a memo pad got us four ripe bananas.  Being extremely satisfied with the trade he headed home and came back with a bag of avocados and a garlic ring.