We travel not to Escape life; but, for Life not to Escape us. – Anonymous.

Holguin, Cuba:  The greatest boon on earth to the traveling man is bringing home as complete a photographic memorandum of his travels as one desires.  My Fuji film digital camera did just that; too bad I forgot to pack it before leaving Miami.  Thanks Sis for offering to mail it back.


Photo above:  An American with a vision by the last name of Boston once upon a time gathered up a few investors and built this sugar processing plant in the province of Holguin, Cuba.  The place quickly prospered and employed hundreds.  The town took on the name of Boston.  After the revolution the bearded one not only changed the name to  Nicaragua, Cuba but, by closing the plant brought economic ruin to the area.  And today with a total disregard for even the most routine of maintenance the place is quickly falling to the ground.  During our visit the two extremely talented workers that can produce any mechanical or industrial part needed were producing an aluminum cutting apparatus for some farm equipment.  Somewhat similar to an oversized razor blade.


Everything was operational, powered by 440V.  Mostly US manufactured equipment from NY, Cincinnati, Ohio and one Soviet era machine.

The now decrepit dock and abandoned track.


And finally the feast under an avocado tree with the nearby ocean breeze blowing.  If only one could also bring back the smell and taste of a delicious meal.  Priceless!