Boston, Cuba and Travel

We travel not to Escape life; but, for Life not to Escape us. – Anonymous.

The greatest thing that you can bring home after traveling are pictures and memories.


I was told a story about an American with a vision with a last name of Boston. Once he gathered up enough investors back home he was finally able to fulfill his desire of building a sugar processing plant in the province of Holguin, Cuba. 

The Boston, Cuba town that he built quickly prospered. Pretty soon the entire town nearby also took on the name of Boston. The sugar mill employed hundreds of towns people. You can still find this place if you visit the province of Holguin, Cuba, however, sometime after the revolution, the name was changed by the bearded one to Nicaragua, Cuba.

Due to a lack of foresight on the government’s behalf the old sugar mill is quickly falling to the ground. One can see holes in the metal roof. In a tropical country rain is common and most people know that rain and metal eventually leads to rust. During our visit to the area we witnessed two extremely talented Cuban workers not shy about using these behemoth pre and post WWII ancient machines to produce mechanical and industrial part needed by the entire country’s sugar cane farming industry.

The machines are all powered by 440 volts of electricity. Most of the machines are come from just across the ocean from far away places like New York, Cincinnati, Ohio and even the former Soviet Union.

And finally it was now time for the feast to take place. There’s always a feast in Cuba after any travels and it usually takes place under the avocado tree. I could now feel the nearby ocean breeze blowing.  If I could also bring back the smell and taste of the delicious meal we enjoyed then this post would become complete and priceless.

Es la vida! (Such is life)

Memories of Cuba.