Holguin Random Pictures


An old Wurlitzer record player now playing.  An old radio on the bar counter ready to turn on and enjoy.  Earlier I consumed the first and second mojito; one slightly weaker than the other however, my thirst is now quenched.

My thousand word picture of the revolution.  “How do you like my little revolution now suckers”.  (Note: not a literal translation)

After the one hour flight jet lag wears off and you consume the first of many drinks everything around you feels like you are drifting back in time.  Time that without a cell phone or wi-fi suddenly slows way down.

In Cuba as a visitor you feel like an explorer on a mission; nothing can hurt you, certainly not the people and this is a country without snakes; dogs don’t even bark or want to bite humans.  They are also on a mission, in search of food.  However, your body in Cuba may become your worse enemy.  If you are not used to standing, can’t stand the heat, humidity or bugs, or seem to crave snacks or drinking water; or your body weight is such that you can’t stand for hours or walk endless steps, then low budget travel to Cuba may not be for you.

But do not despair my friend.  High end travel to Cuba is entirely available.  Resorts abound.  Endless tour buses and/or personal tours in old cars or jeep safari’s are available.


Above some random pictures.  My bar seat.  The shower in my casa particular (B&B like room) that cost me 10 CUCs (less than $10 a night)

My shower and hot water 240V thinga ma jig.  Totally scared the crap out of me for fear of electrocution I opted for cold showers.  Random people walking.  And if a picture is worth a thousand words to you then walking is my explanation for longevity of life in Cuba.  Almost daily I met someone in their 80s, out walking.

Above a Cuban breakfast kiosk.  And on this particular morning I somehow managed to consume an expresso coffee and milk, mango juice, one bar of a peanut brittle molasses mix, a small bar of crushed peanuts, the worse Iron beer soft drink in my life, and a half  bottle of water.

An hour later we stop in Las Tunas for a visit.  My first impression of this town is its  distinct sewer like smell.  My stomach begins churning.  Next I start to sense a  Mt. St. Helens type eruption.  No time for immodium.

Next I catch a strong whiff of what was later described to me as a pig shit odor.  But, this is a housing development I say.  You are correct my friend but, people here still keep a  pig or two in the back room of the house for fear or something stealing the critter.

Quickly I begin distancing myself from this location.  The treatment.  Three ice cold Cuban Crystal beers in their distinctive green bottles.  Once again, all is good with the world.  Eruption avoided.


Twins in their youths and today.  A fact is that people in Cuba live longer lives than in the US but, the women tend to age at a faster rate.  Don’t get me wrong.  They are some of the most beautiful people in the world.  However, that same woman ages at twice the national average.  Must be a climate change sort of thing.  The Cuban diet is totally hormone free.  You can taste the flavor in everything you eat in this province.  The Cuban people also have no choice in exercising.  So rarely do you encounter someone obese.  It is all the walking and waiting for everything that does it plus the humidity and heat.  Want to lose some weight.  Visit Cuba.


And were it not for the Pope, Cuba today would still not have any religion.  Castro outlawed it and in 1962 also stopped their postal system.


If non of the above have so much as peaked your interest in a possible visit of this 60s era encapsulated country then your sense of adventure needs a reboot.  Three Cuba provinces down.  Another 13 to go.