Food – Cuban Style

One cannot travel far into the countryside without encountering fields of bananas.  And if I recall correctly every home in the countryside had a food forest growing in their back and side yard.  The usual, bananas, avocados, mangos, guava and an assortment of other fruits we are not accustomed to seeing.  Sugar cane fields in […]

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Holguin Random Pictures

  An old Wurlitzer record player now playing.  An old radio on the bar counter ready to turn on and enjoy.  Earlier I consumed the first and second mojito; one slightly weaker than the other however, my thirst is now quenched. My thousand word picture of the revolution.  “How do you like my little revolution […]

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Loma de la Cruz, Holguin Cuba

And on my second visit to Cuba I land in the province of Holguin.  It is said that Christopher Columbus landed in an area now known as Gibara, on October 27th, 1492 and said it was the most beautiful country that man has ever seen.  Fast forward a few hundred years and I doubt that he […]

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A Habana Story

On my second day of old habana travel I walk roughly five miles from hotel to old habana, ducking into a restaurant; literally missing a huge down pour by minutes.  The restaurant is across from the malecon whose mostly walls of prison cell bars provide constant fresh air and people watching opportunity.  The $2 mojitos […]

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More Havana

A somewhat typical day; hotel breakfast included.  The food to me was only bearable.  Breakfast for me usually consisted of terrible American coffee, a mystery juice, a roll or two, some 1/8″ sliced cheese and a type of lunch meat. My Day 1 Spending – Note a CUC is the Cuban currency for tourists.  To […]

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My Havana Visit – August 2018

“Visitors to Cuba are usually Havana good time.” The following is one of several stories I plan on writing about my first impression of  Havana.  The last time here I was less than five and my sister was less than three years old.  In 1958, more Americans probably lived in Cuba than Cubans lived in […]

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