Last nights dinner – Quimbobo



Amazing to think of the variety of foods our mother cooked and served us as children.  The best and worse parts are that we always had to try the dish but, no one forced us to eat anything we did not care for.  This morning I think back at some dishes she served us like, liver and onions, fried bologna, duck and pigeon, chicken and rice with beer, caldo de gallego (spinach stew) and even quimbobo.

This last dish (quimbobo in Spanish) is known to us as okra.  I never cared for okra as a kid but, recently started reading about the cancer health benefits attributed to it.  I now buy it at home pickled and enjoy it as an appetizer.

Yesterday while shopping at a local Miami grocery store I see quimbobo stew in the deli section.  I take home a bowl of it and sort of forced myself to eat it for dinner.  Not a huge fan of quimbobo as I believe I heated it too long and it turned into a slimey and gooey mess.

Oh well, you can’t win em all.  Now on to my guava desert.