My Third Baja Bash

Just back on the grid after a week at sea with no service. Quickly penning these words before we check out of Mexico and make our way home.

My sunrises following a daily routine of night watches from 3 a.m. to at least 6 or 7 a.m.

Jasons pictures below on moonless nights after a daily routine of night watches from midnight to three a.m.

And if you only see a black screen then welcome to our world.

Now throw in a pounding 48 foot catamaran making its way up the pacific from cabo to Ensenada, half the time on only one engine.

More adventures to write about when i get back home so patience please. I can only tap so fast on a smart phone screen.

So what is a baja bash? And if its such a nightmare of a trip in the boating and sailing community then why do it at all?

Thoughts to ponder, explore and possibly write about with possibly some highly exaggerated accounts of rats weeks earlier destroying and eating the wiring on this near million dollar catamaran. Next I may throw in how we cheated the piper, near death experiences and accounts of losing an engine. So be patient.

The whales and dolphins finally show up to greet us just as we make one final turn into Ensenada. More to follow.