Day 10 of 14 Key West to asan Diego Ride

Some of our riders appear to already be smelling the barn; even though said barn is still 5 days away. Today we rode our motorcycles from Eage Pass to Big Bend, Texas.

On a scale of Do gooder, follow the speed limit scale of 1 to flat out balls to the wall hooligans, I would rate me a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

To keep their privacy and future friendship in tact I’ll just say that the hooligan category, of the group, in my humble opinion are the bmw’rs and one Ducati.

My shook up friends on account of the loss of a foot and now another rider with a broken wrist are playing it yet more safe. The poor guy was wearing one of those Superman type vests that self inflates in a kryton second when launched from the riders seat.

As in unintentional, ahhh, shit moment. In his case he told us how a large dip in the road, propelled him.

Subsequently the border patrol did play a strong role in his eventual demise. His bmw is packed so that it would take herculine force and two properly functioning wrists to lift back up again.

The CBP drove hin to an awaiting ambulance that drove him to an energency clinic. Thank god our previous foot casualty did not go down here for they may have taken off the wrong foot.

Superman vest as in because when Christopher Reeves horse went down some engineer came up with this device to hopefully prevent the same type of future injury in jumping horse people.

These Texas roads are such that today while 3 of us traveled for a short distance together one farm or fuel truck passed us at over 100+ mph. Don’t know if he was headed to cap an emergency well or arrive in time for the birth of his new steer but, I could attest that he made us look like we were on a Sunday drive.

Today is Monday. The scenery has gone from island views, bridges, touristy dainty island living to border patrol checks, stops and roads with straight line distances farther than the eye can see.

And to think i had nothing to write about on account of the bland scenery. Hurrah! Wanted to get that out on account of surviving day 10. 5 to go. Tomorrow we leave this badlands, ghost town place that was probably too bad even for an Indian reservation and head to Sierra Blanca, Texas. 254 miles away and some hill to mountain pass changing scenery.

Yes, its hot. However, I was in full on wet weather gear when the day started, just to keep warm.

Our lunch option was in the back of a gas em up store, laundrymat and food store. We ate considerably well. Lunch at around 1030 a.m. Topic of conversation was boats and the new gold wing motorcycle.

Great pictures coming once I can upload them from camera to phone.

My phone usb cig lighter played havoc on me. At one time both phone and garmin went totally blank. Gas became the issue. Were it not for the entrance to aBig Bend national park gas stop some of us were probably 50 miles from running out. My bike gets from a 17 mph at hooligan level to 42 mph at the do gooder level. Haven’t run across any illegals yet but all of us at one time or another on at least 5 occasions have been asked if we are US citizens at check points.

At 5 p.m. a ghost town 5 miles away has happy hour in their restaurant. My clock say its 5 o’clock somewhere. May this amazing race continue. You can bet on this survivor. Here is to seeing Texas in the back of my side mirrors. Ready for Arizona next.