The Ride – Key West to San Diego

If you are wondering? Here is how our riding days go. Once up and dressed in appropriate riding gear for the day we place our pack or whatever we dont want to carry on our chase vehicle, a Mercedes van. Normally Russ and I head out first in search of breakfast. Rarely do we see any of the other 9 riders or the van. We have options. W can follow tge blue gps track or set our own course. The days motel is at the end of the days ride. On the ride the gps may at times show a red road option. This option is usually a dirt back road but, not always. It also loops back.

For the past two days I felt the Africa twin calling and the need for some speed. At times I place my feet up on the riding bars that i installed back home. Riding position varies. Russ and I ride tgen I pass him up and never seen him or another rider till we get to the hotel.

Today on the road ahead of us saw Jeep and passed him up. Later Curly passes Russ and I on a BMW1200. I keep up for a while but, his need for speed, my safety and my need for fuel won out. That wind blasted my helmet and windshield at times towards the last 60 miles or so. Since I have a Garmin and maps on my phone I look down and can see traffic, eta, alternate routes, etc. The only way to stay safe and informed.

We are now in Texas! Day 5. We started in Key West. Every day was different so I dont yet have a favorite day, time, ride or food eaten. Yesterday may be our best but, so can key west. The group has gone out on several occasions for dinner, key west, cedar key, dauphin island. That may be our bonding time as well as the no halls motel. The kind that have front room parking. We usually all bring out chairs and the only thing found missing is a camp fire.

When the ride started I was wearing all my riding protection. That included riding pants and an armored jacket, gloves, helmet, everything. Then Florida bit by bit wore me down. Soon the gloves came off. At times I also in the past 5 days dropped the riding pants for jeans and switched gloves for a lighter pair.

For colder weather. Yes, we have had cold weather on one day and almost a full day of heavy down pour. I have thermals tops and bottom. Russ has plug in gloves and jacket to stay warm.

Our fuel stops. When I reach 2 bars on the fuel gauge I start looking for a gas station. The bike takes between 6 and 7 dollars to fill up with premium fuel. This is high speeds at times but, mostly back country roads where the conditions and scenery plays a major role.

Today I stopped for this shot and never saw my riding buddy again.

UPDATE: We are in the southeast part of Texas for the night.

There are five cities that comprise this area. Nederland is Groves is home to nearly 17,000 pecan trees. My favorite pie, pecan gas its own festival every year, the Groves Pecan Festival. The part of Texas where the oil boom began. In 1901 a bubbling pool of mud erupted into a 100 foot geyser and so the rest is history, Texas oil industry.

It is also here where Janis Joplin belted out her first tune and then died from an over dose at the age if 27. By coincidence I found myself this morning with a tune in my head from Janis. “So come on, come, take another part of me baby, baby” or something like that kept me entertained for a short while.

To get here we crossed this huge tall bridge with views far and wide. Now I know it was Sabine Pass. In 1863, the US Navy attempted to invade confederate Texas via Sabine pass. Lt Dowling and 46 men halted the unvasuon by using six cannons to defeat the 4 invading gunboats.