Day 5 Key West to San Diego ride

New Orleans here we come. New Orleans traces its routes from the French to the Spanish then back to the French before finally being acquired by the US as part of the Louisiana purchase for a sum total of 12 million dollars. And in case you dont think that was a great deal imagine the country without a west coast.
In the 19th century, it was the largest port in the south with most of the exports being cotton.

During the Civil war New Orleans was the first to fall.

Hurricane Katrina will forever put it on the map for the rest of the world as the time when the levee broke.

Update: First one in the group to arrive in New Orleans. Love the hotel. 5 stars now which means we will be back to 1.5 stars tomorrow.

Ate my first shrimp poboy and it was fantastic. Full of so many shrimp. Arrived just in time for the New Orleans festival.

More to follow. Going after gumbo now.v

Also visited a great WWII museum in town.