D+4 Key West to San Diego

Spanish explorers are believed to have arrived at Mobile Bay in 1519, and the territory was visited in 1540 by the explorer Hernando de Soto. The first permanent European settlement in Alabama was founded by the French at Fort Louis de la Mobile in 1702.

Tomorrow we leave Port St Joe, Florida and 198 miles later arrive in Daphne, Alabama and Central time zone.
Historical records indicate Spanish explorers discovered the area around Daphne as early as 1557.

Researchers have excavated many valuable relics showing that the Tensaw, Alabama, Choctaw, Creeks, and Seminole Indians all lived in this area prior to 1557.

The community of Daphne dates as far back as 1763 when it was commonly known as “The Village.”

French troops and later British troops occupied the area. Other well known historical areas can be found in nearby battle grounds located at Blakeley, north of Daphne; Fort Morgan at Gulf Shores; and Fort Gaines at Dauphin Island near Mobile.

One of our group is a former A-10 military pilot and wants the group to go on a field trip to see the planes at Tyndell USAF. I don’t but, agreed to offer my support on account that he can only get six people in on his i.d.

Update: We tried but, the pass and i.d. section had different interpretations on getting in. And in the end the need for coffee and breakfast won out.  Some stayed, some road on.

I told everyone we needed fighter pilot nicknames before entering the USAF base. I chose “guapo” for myself and named a few of the guys so we now have jeeps, largo, macho, flying ed, rico, doctor …..

Looks like clear sailing from here on out. All is dry for now but, surprisingly cold! As soon as the sun heated things up, back to great weather. Lots of bugs on my front screen now.

I cheated!! After stop and traffic, 25 mph zones and road construction I gave up and found a direct road to Daphne, Alabama and our nights lodging. The 10 freeway magically appeared and so for 100 miles and nearly as fast I took it.  I just learned that th others are arriving on a $10 ferry to the Island of Dauphin.

Just finished my first southern meal.  Chicken fried steak, collared greens.

One of our group does not like his motorcycle of choice for this cross country ride. A 690 KTM. HToday he arranged for a great out the door price and now owns a brand new Honda Africa twin like what i am riding. At least five of the bikes are Africa twin, one Ducati, one Triumph, one BMW 1200 and one sporty BMW 1000 bike.  This morning was his first ride and the Africa twin and he also loves it.

The KTM in the van will likely not see the road from here on out.

Can you believe I paid a $4.00 toll to cross a bridge. And now it looks like a ferry crossing to get to our hotel.

More later.