D+2 Key west to San Diego ride

We are now riding the Tamiami trail. The name means Tampa to Miami and the trail is 275 miles long. Imagine Florida 100 years ago century ago, where mosquitoes and alligators ruled. No air conditioning! A brea down on a road would do far more than ruin your day.

Not many cars around back then in the entire state or country. And the speeds. They were more like 30 mph vs today drivers groeing impatient at the posted 65 mph speed limit.

In 1928, the Tamiami Trail opened. To celebrate, backers led a motorcade from Tampa to Miami that took three days. We are far from Tampa but, in 1 day we have made it to Naples from Key West. Something like going to the moon and back for a person born before the key west and tamiami road were built.

The Tamiami road is U.S. 41, though street signs south of Sarasota still call the highway the Tamiami Trail. It’s now the second choice behind Interstate 75 and the high-speed Alligator Alley, which cuts through the Everglades parallel to the Tamiami Trail, a few miles to the north.

The road and now the animals. We left chickens and roosters as a surviving novelty in key west. And now alligators whom we have brought back from over hunted numbers are the tourist scenery attraction. What next manatees? You are correct. Something springs is on our planned route.
Enjoy your day.