Riding with the pack

During the last three weeks I’ve been surrounded by family, friends or acquaintances at all times. Miami living has kept me busy and my 86 year old mom in high spirits. Yesterday when I departed Miami and arrived solo in Key West I felt a sudden strange void even when surrounded by people. Something changed. In the words of J Buffett;
We’re all somewhere over China
Headin’ east or headin’ west
Takin’ time to live a little
Flying so far from the nest
Just to put a little distance
Between causes and effects
Like an ancient fortune teller
Knowin’ who and what comes next

Today my new group/pack arrives. What changed are the known people around you. Some people can entertain themselves easily, others just need to have the pack close at hand to do anything.

Soon we will be a dozen motorcycle riders setting off on our own adventure with the pack. Not everyone knows each other. I know three other riders from either our back country Colorado or our around British Columbia ride. In two days we form lasting relationships. In three days I’ll know everyones name based on the motorcycle they now ride.

Mile zero is nearby and mile 3,881, our final destination San Diego by way of the southern route.