Key West to San Diego motorcycle ride 2018

The official ride meet up day in key west florida is saturday. Day 0 starts Sunday. I’ve been in Miami for the past few weeks, my brand new Honda Africa twin shipped weeks before me. $655 one way freight to Pompano Beach. Near Ft Lauderdale, Florida. My one way air fare was higher than normal on account of spring break.

My projects included breaking in the bike and changing the oil for the upcoming 3,881 miles estimated. This is because we will be skirting the southernmost usa states along the mexican border whenever possible. No highways planned that can be avoided. Definitely a one day stop in New Orleans. So far ive seen hurricane Irmas devastation across the florida keys. What mobile homes are left are totally destroyed and/or boarded up. This month we will see what hurricane force winds did to New Orleans and Texas.

Thus far two rides down to as far as Islamorada. These are the pictures shown.

Other projects while here included things to make my 86-year-old mom more comfortable, i.e. pitching in on a handicap ramp, installing handrails, decorating, building a raised garden area, new chicken coop, laying hens and a wheelchair accessible walkway.

Her 86th birthday party brought our relatives and friends near and wide. The oldest a retired doctor at 99 years of age that can still get along on a walker. All my relatives are still capable of carrying on a conversation with near perfect recollection of the past.

This is my first real update other than on Facebook.

Tomorrow is another boating day with relatives.  Life is good.  I hope we don’t need to pay the piper too much for our perfect weather.  Rain clouds are now out on the horizon.  April showers bring May flowers and a new granchild.