Day 12 of almost home

Twelve days ago we began our cross country motorcycle ride from Key West to San Diego. We are now in Douglas, Arizona, staying at a respectable historic hotel. Things are looking up in all manner. The scenery. We left Texas and briefly rode across New Mexico, then when we crossed into Arizona, a smile fell […]

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Day 11 of 14

The town was named for the nearby Sierra Blanca Mountains, which were named for the white poppies which grew on them (sierra blanca is Spanish for “white range”). Today is our last day in Texas. Last night it was still 96 degrees in the shade when we returned from a fantastic dinner. Thank goodness for […]

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Day 9 of 14

I arrived in Eagle Pass and can clearly see Mexico. Eagle Pass was the first American settlement on the Rio Grande. Originally known as Camp Eagle Pass, it served as a temporary outpost for the Texas militia, which had been ordered to stop illegal trade with Mexico during the Mexican American war. Eagle pass is […]

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Day 8

One week ago we left mile zero at key west. Today we are in South Padre Island, Texas for the night. Our ride started in Corpus Christ, Texas, about 336 miles ago. I am the first to arrive at the hotel for the night. The miles just flew by today and yesterday. I started out […]

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Day 8

Todays ride is still a surprise for us. Rain or no rain? When I penned those words there was no rain then at 0400 all hell broke loose. Started with lightning, then distant thunder, then rain. Eventually the winds had the rain going sideways. The hotel we stayed in according to the receptionist had rain […]

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