Vintage Cars Rainy Day Story

And people think riding motorcycles is dangerous?  The first thought that hit me at about the time I start to merge onto the 71 freeway, towards the 10 freeway, and 90 minutes later arrive at downtown LA and the convention center.  This 1954 VW bug is older than I am yet still on the road today in its original form.  The reason I couldn’t find seat belts is because it doesn’t come with any.  I could easily keep up but, the stopping part takes some getting used to.  The brakes I later learned are cable actuated; similar to a bicycle.  Scary at times as I try to keep up with a 1952 VW bug that is also following a towed VW 1942 Kubel wagon.  Yet somehow the three of us manage to stay together almost the entire way.  At our pace I actually see, feel and experience the road.  Did you know the 10 freeway truck lane is full of pot holes.  Now why is that?  Some stupid fool in a stolen car during a police car chase can clear all lanes of traffic for hours on end yet, there is no time to fill in the pot holes.  If anyone can text and drive this VW without killing themselves then my hats off to them.  Attention to every detail is the norm.  The bug is so narrow on a car lane you could almost fit two of them.  Finally.  The last third of the way there I start to relax and actually enjoy the drive.  At about this time at least two other drivers honk their horn at me and when I look their way they quickly give me a thumbs up!  This makes me feel good.  And for a moment the sun peeks out and I naturally stick my left elbow out the window and rest it on the window sill.  I’m reliving the first years of my teenage driving years.  Life is good and it looks like I’ll live to ride my motorcycle once again.

Rest of the story:  I tried to get out of it but, didn’t or couldn’t.  Thanks Kimball it actually turned out to be a great driving experience.  Thousands of vintage car enthusiasts voluntarily brought their cars to the convention center to display them to the public at  weekends (3/3 3/4) Vintage car show.  You too can relive the experience without getting behind the wheel or hitting the road.