My 2016 year in review

My 2016 Year in Review

Last year from Halloween to New Years day I was extremely happy and content living aboard our boat, the Western Flyer, berthed in La Paz, Baja.  …… And then the extreme heat started and then I started to miss my Patti and then my visa was about to expire.

So, apart from our recent move into a new home these past three months, I can’t remember much about 2016 without looking at pictures so, to start the recall process, let’s go down picture memory lane.


An anniversary road trip to Julian.  Yes, she is back doing road trips.  Remember when I banned her from road trips?  YES/ NO.  If no, then I leave it to you to find the Baja road trip from HELL in this blog but, only if you are interested.

Patti and I are extremely happy and content grandparents; wonder what we’ll tell them (grandkids) about 2016?   Elections. Our moving from very near coastal living to the high desert is a very high point for us in 2016.

That we love everything about our new home and just to give you an example; a short while ago (December 25, 2016) I picked fresh grapefruits and lemons from our fruit trees.  The other 16 fruit trees of various types (plums, peaches, guava, etc) will most likely be producing the better part of 2017.

In 2016 I traded ‘Ol Blue for a 59 Willy’s Jeep.  Does this mean that I am finally getting out of the personal watercraft sport?  Possible, but not likely. Only time will tell.  For now the 59 Willy’s is going through sort of a complete rebuild.  V8, power brakes/steering/more roll bar, new paint.  More to follow on this Willy’s in 2017.

I/you/we are all getting older!  At age 60 I have not yet felt the growing old part; other than when I stop to look in the mirror and say, who’s that old guy looking back at me.

All of us; it doesn’t matter who is always getting older, that is just a way of life. Face it. Enough said.  Even the littlest five month old grandkid Greyson; every week the little guy is one step closer to figuring out how to work our amazing human body.

In 2016 I took a little road trip, or two, or three.  I drove down to La Paz and back.  While in La Paz I got the 4Runner painted and it continues to look better than new.  Got my motorcycle license – after 20 years of non-riding.  I also joined a great group of guys to backcountry adventure bike ride all of Colorado; and even did a multi-day motorcycle taco run too.

To make it easier to complete this year in review here is my short check off list.

  1. What single achievement am I most proud of:  a) in 2015/16 getting the Western Flyer safely down the Baja coastline; b) getting back into riding motorcycles; c) moving
  2. What was the best news you received?  Newest grand baby coming January 2017 (Mike/Lisa)!
  3. Number one go-to person that helped get our home/yard/59 Willys Jeep up to speed:  Nestor/Lisandro/Leandro
  4. Which new skills did I learn?  Combination boating/gardening/mechanics
  5. Who am I most thankful for?  Patti
  6. What was the most important lesson you learnt in 2016?  Learnt in 2011 while hiking the PCT; you only need three things in life; something to do; something to look forward to and someone to love.
  7. What little things did you most enjoy during your day-to-day life?  Good food and drink and taking a nap top the list.  The rest is gravy.
  8. What cool things did you create this year?  A garden shed

In 2016, I finally completed two pwc bucket list items a) ride out the golden gate bridge (San Francisco) and ride up the Delta to Sacramento.

In 2016, for fun, I did the baja bash.  Helping a friend bring up a catamaran from La Paz to Los Angeles, California.

And our boat has never looked better!

For me, eating food in Mexico is like, well, “it doesn’t getting any better than that”.  About as close to I’ll get to an Anthony Bordaine moment.


What a ride it been so far!  Life.  And to stop and think that it’s no where near over for me.  Health.  Check!  $$.  Double Check!  Things to do.  Check!  Things to look forward to.  Check!  Someone to Love.  Check.

Wow.  Just brings tears to my eyes.

God bless. And may you also take the time to reflect on your 2016.


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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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