Adventure Bike Taco Ride Day 1

Day 1 of 3 – Our Taco Ride

The 10 adventure bike riders met at the local IHOP in Lake Elsinore for the start of a three day taco ride. BMW was well represented along with KLM.  The other single bikes included a Super Tenere, Yamaha and Africa Queen, Honda.

It’ called a taco ride because we were suppose to sample tacos along the way. As of day one non sampled until dinner a little while ago before they sweep up and put away the sidewalks in Yuma.

Dinner at Tacos No Rancho, Yuma, Arizona.  Nothing to brag about.  LA has the best tacos and we know it.

Our goal:  A taco run put on by gpskevin who is not on this ride because he is still healing after dumping his Africa Twin Honda on a ride.  Two broken ribs and a punctured lung. Kevin is the best spokesperson for this sport.  Non humbler.  Did I tell you he rode a scooter across America?

Today we stood near the border fence. And on this side of a moat.  The guys asked if this was Trumps fence as parts of it looked a gold color.  Must’ve been a mirage or the setting sun.

No tacos on the border but, the view was amazingly pictureresque and the air much warmer the further south we rode.  Temperature is about high 60s to 70+. Met two guys 31st the gas station grim Oregon who trailers their bikes down.  Said it was 10 degrees back home.

Why tacos?  The perfect food?

1)  You have your shell.  – i.e. the shell is healthy only if handmade.

2)  Then you have your protein part.

3) Then you Salsa.

Taco salsas are divided into two categories: red and green.

If you’re lucky enough, there might be a runny Green sauce called – guacamole (yes, it is watery on purpose to better dress your tacos.

4) Then your toppings

Standard toppings for tacos are onion, cilantro, and lime. A good taqueria should have finely minced onion and chopped non-wilted cilantro, unless you like biting on a huge chunk of raw onion and soggy greens.

If eating fish tacos, toppings should be finely minced crisp cabbage. These chopped vegetables and fresh herbs are here for textural crunch and for their fat-cutting vegetal qualities.

Our final destination today and lodging is in Yuma, AZ ad the Coronado Hotel.

Yuma is still a place where traces of the old western way of life still exists.  Take for example the downtown area and our lovely Best Western – Coronado hotel.

During 1849, more than 60,000 people headed to the California gold fields from here after crossing a rope ferry bridge that would carry them across to Colorado.  If you were after gold in the 1800s then you probably came through Yuma.

Just an hours ride away, near Fisher’s Landing, you can enjoy the pristine landscape formed by the Colorado river.

Our day 2 takes us to Twentynine palms.  Our day mileage was 291 Mike’s.  Not bad for less than 4 gallons or so of gas used.

Tomorrows mileage is about the same.  Maybe I will eat more tacos.

Today we went down the great spurn divide and two, country two, deserts.  The Anza Bodega and Yuma.  Lots of Indian Reservations spotted.  Lots of mansions in them hills, and orchards everywhere.

Calexico is probably as close to crossing into Mexico as we got.  Tomorrow Blythe for gas and lunch.  And a visit to Bosnia Tree National park.

During WWII General Patton’s troops trained here (Yuma) or nearby here before embarking across to fight in Africa.  Bob Hope held USO shows here and there is still a USO lounge somewhere in Yuma.  Yuma is one of the largest military testing grounds for the military and has a museum open to the public.

Yuma Territorial prison is another landmark, it operated for over 75 years. The local school uses the school mascot name, they call themselves the “Criminals”.  Not making this up.

Amelia Earhart also landed in Yuma while competing in the powder puff airrace.  She is also said to have nosed over her propeller while landing and required a new propeller to continue the race.  Of course we won’t get to see any of this as we came to ride.

Pictures are on my camera so they will be loaded here later.

Adios from Yuma.