On Any Sunday


We’re sort of in limbo.  Our home is now sold and we don’t yet move into the new one.  So, why not take off on a little hike.  Today, I decide to take Patti to see and visit the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, just outside of Lake Forrest, CA.

Once there I easily recognize the canyon as a place once hiked with Rick and Shane.  Rick does his research of all California hikes and on any given Sunday he hikes the higher elevation when its hot and lower elevation hikes when it’s cool.  Years ago we hiked our way to Harding Falls; and if I recall correctly we encountered tons of poison oak.  The falls is hidden in the pristine depths of Harding Canyon.

“The canyon itself is a sylvan gem – a tranquil riparian wonderland that gets relatively few visitors, especially as you travel further back. Reaching the falls is not a trivial effort – dangers include lots of boulder hopping, some climbing over larger boulder sets, poison oak, and although there is a use trail for some of the hike, eventually there is no trail at all.”

Best on-line description above.  However, the wrong footwear led us from the trail head that begins at the Harding Truck Trail entrance to the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary close to the end of Modjeska Canyon Road.  To hike you need an adventure pass.


And of course the area is replete with history.  Look up Juan Flores and you can learn lots about the areas colorful history.


Take a nature trail hike through Tucker and you too may start to feel like setting up your own nature preserve.



I am always keeping an eye out for good old time natural ingredients and this is one good find.  Think I’ll send some to my son Michael.

We did not find the plant but, found some great looking bird houses.  This is what Tucker is known for, as a bird sanctuary.  Supposedly, also the place made famous by the hummingbird feeder.




And if you live near why not take in Bat Night or a Cowboy Country Fair.


And if you can readily name this tree then you get a pass at this station.


The Sycamore Tree





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