Baja Road Trip Pictures

2004 Toyota 4Runner, looking good with a brand new paint job, new carpet, custom front push bar and led light bar.  Looks and runs better than new.

The early bird catches the worm.  For those like me that miss details like (time change) an early start is justifiable.  The desert in the early hours can be awe-inspiring.

Once cannot say all of Baja is this way or that way.  The condition of the road is constantly changing as is the various forms of desert ecosystem.

Trees!  The further north on Baja one goes the less topes.  Topes are speed bumps that can dramatically alter your vehicles suspension system if they catch you by surprise.  On this particular day, all of the towns passed must’ve coordinated a fund-raising for the local fire department.  Fire fighters and their supporters were standing by for any loose coins.

109 degrees outside and it is not yet noon.  The truck in the picture broke down on the way up the hill.  The area, usually on the outskirts of many town seem to be the chosen spot for wrecking yards.  Llanteras (tire repairs) are usually designated by one tire balanced atop another tire.  Mexicans do not seem to easily discard a tire that has achieved its manufacturers life expectancy.  A good portion of Mexican drivers seem to not carry a spare, jack or repair kits.  But, get in trouble on the road and a road angel will almost magically appear to help.


View towards Ensenada, vicinity or Marina Coral.  Roundabouts are common as are four-way stops, known as Altos. Mexican city drivers do appear to be more vigilant than US drivers.