Boredom Explored and the Cruising Life

Boredom Explored and the Cruising Life

Someone I know recently told me they were bored.  At first I thought, what?  Why?  Then I looked internally, then externally, and without judging this one person tried to wrap my head around the boredom issue.  Does daydreaming qualify?  I came to the conclusion that it did not however, daydreaming does tend to be a way of relieving boredom.  Sort of like fooling the mind into thinking that it is occupied.  A quick internet search revealed that bored people also tend to overeat.

Earlier it was hot, I got up, walked to the nearby hotel infinity pool, swam for some exercise, got out of the water, dried off and now here I am writing.  If that wandering waiter would’ve just come a little closer, then the hardest part about my decision would be to either have a margarita or beer.  An appetizer?  Si Senor!

So, what I just figured out is that if my energy level is such that I need to get up and move, then I move.    This energy then needs to go someplace.  Were you ever bored as a kid?  Toys.  Yes, those wood, plastic or things with lots of pieces.  Do you have toys now?  Ahhhhhahhhh!  Maybe lack of toys is your problem.  Or, maybe the wrong toys or missing pieces to those toys or ?

If you are reading and enjoying a book you keep reading till you get bored.  If you are like me and on Kindle, you are probably reading more than one book at a time.  If one book gets boring then you can easily switch to another book.  The problem I see is when you have internet problems.  Boredom happens when you are unable to change the situation.  You want to open, purchase, or even open that new book but, you can’t get it to upload.  Am I now bored or frustrated?

What ever happened to shopping to relieve boredom?  Say what; you’ve got no money to spend.  Then go waste some gas.  Take a car ride anywhere?  Or be like Ethel and drop in on Lucy.  Or visit or call a friend.  Or join a group.  Or going outside and look for something out-of-place in the yard or boat?

Change your environment and you change your boredom situation.  Are you now less or more bored?  If less bored, then repeat the process.  Those that served time in the military can easily relate to the statement “hurry up and wait”.  Today, we just reach down, grab that smart phone and quickly zone out.  Back then?  Maybe tell a joke or two, push, shove, play grab ass with one another or just engage in conversation about cars, girls, beer, or most anything mechanical.

Be productive.  Be in the zone!  If all else fails then take a nap.  Nothing around you is happening so, go, get moving and make it happen.

Bored.  Go for a walk or a run.  Don’t think about it.  Move.  Now that everyone has got a dog; dog is either taking a nap so he or she is not bored or looking for an excuse to go out on a walk.

The question that still remains is, shall I make that margarita or open up a cold Indio beer?  Hey, I don’t get bored.  What gives?  So, if you do, then I think you can also make yourself not bored.

Too many toys and not enough time to play with them, may not be a bad thing.

Finally, here is how I seem to be doing it right.  Planning ahead.  By planning ahead I mean try to keep looking to the future as to what new and exciting things you are going to do next.  Strive to be adventurous and develop a let’s try something new sort of attitude.  Just don’t buy a boat, you’ll really never be bored.